Evidence of Spring

13 02 2011

I was walking through Russell Square yesterday when I stumbled upon my first daffodils for the year. Daffodils! Daffodils just radiate that warm glow of Spring and combined with the clear & crisp early afternoon their appearance proclaimed “Spring! Spring is coming! Winter is ending!” I was quite excited. I do like Winter. I  like wrapping up in scarves and mittens and hats and large warm coats. I even enjoy the early evenings – they are perfect for doing nothing of great importance and are a great tonic for the hustle and bustle of Summer’s long evenings. Then there’s Rugby. The dark and the cold are borne much better when there’s a good game of rugger on. However,  after a while I start to get itchy feet. That is when I start to look out for the first signs of Spring and daffodils are one of those portents. However, I won’t get too excited too soon. London is relatively warmer than nearly all of the UK, once I start seeing Daffodils popping up at my parents (who are a little further north) – then I’ll consider putting my warm winter coat into the dry cleaners.


Resolutions Revisited

27 03 2010

Like many others at the start of the year I earnestly made a list of resolutions for 2010.  I ended up with a list of fifteen.  It wasn’t an exhaustive list, but did cover a lot of what I wanted to achieve this year. 

With Spring beginning to break through in shades of crocus and daffodil and enliven the otherwise grey surroundings, I decided it was the right time to assess how well I was doing with my resolutions – to have a spring clean of sorts.  I broke the resolutions down into those I’ve started, and those I haven’t, and got the following percentages:

Resolutions started – 13%

Resolutions not started – 87%


Numbers like these can strip a situation down to its irrefutable truth: 50% or more resolutions started would be a success (though closer to 100% would be better) while less than 50% isn’t, and should set off warning bells.  These results definitely set off some warning bells!  It appears that I have been a little lax in the life improvement department, and that I haven’t done as well with my resolutions as I had thought.  So it is time for some affirmative action to be taken and for some accountability when it comes to these resolutions.  This is where this blog comes in rather handy.  What better place to be held accountable than in the public arena of the blogosphere?  Some of my resolutions wont make it to blog, being that they’re too personal (even for a personal blog), but most of them will and I’ve set aside a new page for this purpose. 

Some resolutions that haven’t been started yet are due to current personal circumstances.  I’m not beating myself up over these, I’ll just start them once the circumstances change to be more favourable.  Other resolutions I’ve had to amend in order to make them more realistic.  One of these amended resolutions was to read a book a week.  Well, that’s what it was to start with.  For the first month it worked really well, and then two factors started to impede my progress: 1) less time became available to read and 2) I developed a habit of selecting books that are long, and/or complex.  So I changed the resolution.  I’m now aiming for a book per fortnight, as a rough guide.  As I finish books I’ll add them to the list.

A couple of my resolutions were blogosphere related.  One of these was to post more (which I mentioned in this post’s introduction).  This resolution came with the caveat that I had to have something to actually write about, whether it was an idea, or an event or something – as long as it was a something and not a nothing.  The second of these resolutions was to find more new blogs to read.  This is the reason behind the newly added blogroll, listing some of the blogs that I check out at the moment (any suggestions for new blogs are most welcome).

Another resolution was to introduce more new recipes into my diet.  This was inspired in part by this blog, and in part for my love of food…and cooking…and eating.  So expect to see more ‘Lizzie in the Kitchen’ type posts in the future as I work on this resolution! 

I plan to update these resolutions as the year progresses, and to introduce some other resolutions in later posts, so keep tuned.

Lizzie x