Love is a banquet on which we feed*

13 02 2011

I am incurably romantic. 

I state that as a fact and with no apologies. Roses and romantic gestures are always welcomed by me – besides I like Bon Jovi and Jon is a king of the rock ballad. 

However, I don’t do Valentine’s Day.

In spirit I love its intention – a moment to appreciate your significant other is a sentiment that I endorse. But Valentine’s Day as it currently exists? I find the whole mass commercialised event incredibly un-romantic. As a society are we so without grace that we are unable to celebrate love with spontaneity? Do we really need one day a year where the notion of romantic love is shoved down our throats until we are ready to choke? I am inclined to think not and as a society I certainly believe that we could learn to appreciate love with spontaneity (and at least more than once a year).

This year I will pass Valentine’s Day as a singleton. Oh yes, I said it – I proclaimed it to the blogging universe – I will spend Valentine’s Day as a single person. Scandalous!  Or not really. I don’t feel any shame in being single. In fact, after the heartbreak of my last relationship, being single is a comfort. I certainly don’t see why I should need a ‘survival guide’ to navigate my way through today. I see it like this: if you’re in a loving relationship – fantastic!! If you’re single and enjoying it –fantastic!! Love should be celebrated just because it exists, not just because it is the 14th of February. That is true not only for the love that exists now in your life but also for the love that has existed in the past. Yes, my last partner broke my heart six ways till Sunday, but despite some of the rather painful moments in that relationship (and there were some corkers) there were a few good moments. Those are moments that I celebrate, the rest were just lessons that needed to be learnt.

My philosophy for love is simple: celebrate the love that you receive from your partner, your family and your friends and reciprocate with even more love and do this often and sincerely. Life is too short to do anything less and love is far too precious to be horded and kept in the silent dark.

* Patti Smith Group ‘Because the night’.