Year of the Rabbit

6 02 2011

Run, rabbit run/dig that hole/forget the sun/and when at last your work is done/don’t sit down/its time to dig another one

Well, January just disappeared on me and now I find myself six days into February. As I missed uploading a New Year 2011 post in January, I am going to make up for it by posting a Chinese New Year epistle for February instead. So, welcome in the Year of the Rabbit! Not just any rabbit, but a metal rabbit at that. Wicked. Though what I think of when ‘metal’ and ‘rabbit’ are mentioned in the same breath (left) is most certainly not what the Chinese intended.

According to the Chinese, the Year of the Rabbit promises to bring a more placid year after a frenetic Year of the Tiger. Diplomatic bunny hops instead of roaring fits and starts – the eyes of the rabbit are apparently more gracious and amiable than those of the tiger. Considering the current state of worldly affairs a more placid and considered year wouldn’t go amiss. I certainly have plans, goals and resolutions to accomplish this year. I’ve updated the Resolutions page to reflect some of these – I am sure that posts of the subject will appear during the year.

There is also plenty to look forward to this year. Last year I posted a list of events that I was looking forward to in 2010 – of those the Football World Cup in South Africa was a standout for me. After 28 years away from this competition New Zealand acquitted themselves with style and came out of it the only team to remain undefeated by securing three draws, including one against Italy. The All Whites’ result was exceptional considering their rather modest world ranking and that we don’t have our own professional league (only a solitary professional team). Looking ahead to the rest of 2011 there are three events in particular that I am looking forward to – two of these are general events, while the third is more personal.

  • The Royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton (April). I wasn’t around for the nuptials between Prince Charles and Diana so this will be the first really big Royal wedding that I will be able to celebrate. I also have a soft spot for William (no, not for those reasons). Being of the same age I’ve kinda grown up with him over the years and it’s really pleasing to see him tie the knot with Kate. I’ll be watching the wedding on telly or I’ll be standing in the Mall, or maybe I’ll do both (unless by some chance I receive an invitation, though I’m not holding my breath). I may even hold a party with bunting, tea, scones and as much naff Royal and English paraphernalia as I can find.
  • The Rugby World Cup, New Zealand (September – October). I love rugby, it is just that simple. I actually love watching most sports, this weekend was especially good in that regards as both the Six Nations started and the Super Bowl will be kicking off later tonight. However, rugby union is a particular favourite of mine. I’m also looking forward to it being held back in Aotearoa. I’m backing the ‘Blacks to go all the way, beating the Wallabies 24-31 in the final.
  • Returning to New Zealand for my Grandma’s 100th birthday (August). I haven’t written about my Grandma before, but she is easily the most awesome of all awesome people…ever. This August she will celebrate 100 years on this planet, which is a length of time that I just can’t quite fathom. So much has happened during her lifetime that it just boggles the mind. Needless to say the holiday back to NZ this year is beyond special. Expect more on this later in the year!

Birthday Resolution

4 11 2009

Wow, where did October go? A whole month and not one post! Must admit to being a tad remiss, although being stuck in a rut of writer’s block didn’t help. The month started with a weekend trip to Cardiff. Ostensibly this was for a Phonics concert at the Castle, however I also managed to squeeze in some Dr Who/Torchwood sight-seeing (yes, I am a geek). Being a Scorpi-orpi-orpio Girl the month ended with my birthday. As I’ve got older I tend to spend at least part of that day navel gazing: reflecting on what I’ve done, what I haven’t done and what I need or want to do in the upcoming year. It’s also one of those times when I add to, delete from and amend my “101 Things to Do” list. Anyway, one of this year’s resolutions, and high up on my list, was to lose the extra weight that I had gained while at Uni and haven’t managed to lose yet.

There are a few (and at least for me) inaccurate stereotypes about women and weight out there. If one were to believe the vast majority of media on the subject you would think womankind highly insecure and paranoid about their weight (as with their overall appearance). This maybe true for some, but not me – and I feel that it’s important that I state that straight up, before anyone gets the wrong impression. Despite the predominance of this media I do not feel compelled in any way to feel any guilt about my body.   My decision was based on the fact that, right now, I weigh more than I should and that I’m nowhere near as fit as I’d like to be (which in all honesty irks me more than the weight).

A quick blast on the calculator revealed that I’ve actually lost a fair bit of the weight already (nigh on half). However, I have been stuck on a plateau with my current weight for a while now. This I find frustrating. And I don’t like to be frustrated. Especially when it concerns an issue that I can exert some control over and so can, in theory, fix. Therefore on Monday I decided to fix this issue once and for all.

Having made this resolution I realised there were certain factors that both helped and hindered this decision.
Helpful factors: when it comes to what I eat, I’m not too bad with my diet (I wouldn’t say that it’s great, but that can be worked on). And since diet is half of the successful formula for weight loss and general health & fitness (exercise being the other) I count this as a positive.
Unhelpful factors: right now joining a gym is out of the question. This is a definite negative as I love the gym and it’s where I’ve had the best success in the past. However, I soon realised that this dark cloud of a problem has a silver lining. Another item on my “101 Things to Do” list is to start running, initially with the aim of getting fit, but ultimately with the aim of completing a marathon (actually, there are more reasons, but that’s another post). So now I am presented with a situation where I can cross one item off my list, while contributing to another. Excellent.

So far this week the only set back (and it’s a corker) has been getting up early enough to go for a run (I prefer to work out in the morning, evenings are a no-go for me and exercise). Waking up at the right time hasn’t been a problem: the problem has been staying awake long enough to actually get out of bed! My alarm goes off, some sleepy part of my consciousness hears it and the only physical thing I bring myself to do is switch it off. Not helpful. To compensate (and prevent the day from being a total right-off exercise wise) I’ve completed a Pilates routine instead. Today I added a 3.5 mile round-walk to the Pilates, although no running occurred. However, I am hopeful for some success tomorrow (even after a late-nighter so I can watch True Blood). I’m also hopeful that ultimately I’ll be able to write a ‘mission completed’ post on this subject in the future – watch this space.