It’s time for 2011’s resolutions. Some of these are continued over from 2010, if only with a greater urgency to see them accomplished in 2011. Some of my resolutions are too personal (even for a personal blog) but here are half a dozen more blog-appropriate resolutions for the Year of the Rabbit.

  1. Run a 10k race. I’ve entered one for later in this year (May). Considering my current level of fitness (as at the beginning of February) is unimpressive this is a fairly tough resolution. However it also makes for a pretty awesome goal to achieve.
  2. Lose the extra weight that I haven’t yet lost. This is the same weight as I mentioned in this post. Yes, I am still trying to get rid of it. Well, this year is the year. No matter what.
  3. Create a better shininglikeadiamond. I have plans for this blog and later this year I will begin to bring them to fruition.
  4. Write more and post more often. I know a lot of bloggers are taking part in the daily post challenge. I don’t plan to post quite that frequently, instead I plan to start posting weekly. Considering my erratic posting last year this may prove to be challenging (but challenging in a good way).
  5. Read more – of everything. Blogs, sites, books and poetry. It is all fair game this year.
  6. See more – again of everything. In particular more of the beautiful this year. Being a Classical Studies major, my understanding of art revolves around the ancient Romans and Greeks. I think it’s time to be brave and venture past the second century AD.

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