Kia ora, g’day and welcome!  My name is Lizzie, I’m a UK based Kiwi and this is my first foray into the blogosphere. 

What is shininglikeadiamond?

shininglikeadiamond is a personal blog about life in general: from my experiences and observations, to the trials and tribulations of ticking off that “to do” list and my love of music, food, crafty stuff, intellectual pursuits and sport (admittedly in a watching capacity as I’m more of a solo gym bunny than team sporter). 

Why shininglikeadiamond?

Ostensibly the title comes from the chorus of Bon Jovi’s “Have a nice day” – one of those anthemic, sing-along, stadium songs that they have a happy knack for writing:

If there’s one thing I hang onto/That gets me through the night/I ain’t gonna do what I don’t want to/I’m gonna live my life/Shining like a diamond/Rolling with the dice/Standing on the ledge/I show the wind how to fly/When the world gets in my face I say/Have a nice day

Henceforth that line became the catch cry lyric that summed up the general sentiment in the song, which at the time struck a chord with me – I must have been having one of those days because I could think of plenty of people to say “Have a nice day” to! 

However shininglikeadiamond is more than that (as nothing is ever that simple in my universe).  Because the lyric caused me to think of the indomitable “Shine on you crazy diamond” by the mighty Floyd with all the sentiment and emotive brilliance that track embodies.  The two then intermingled and coalesced and in a big bang moment a new motto was formed.  POW!


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