Evidence of Spring

13 02 2011

I was walking through Russell Square yesterday when I stumbled upon my first daffodils for the year. Daffodils! Daffodils just radiate that warm glow of Spring and combined with the clear & crisp early afternoon their appearance proclaimed “Spring! Spring is coming! Winter is ending!” I was quite excited. I do like Winter. I  like wrapping up in scarves and mittens and hats and large warm coats. I even enjoy the early evenings – they are perfect for doing nothing of great importance and are a great tonic for the hustle and bustle of Summer’s long evenings. Then there’s Rugby. The dark and the cold are borne much better when there’s a good game of rugger on. However,  after a while I start to get itchy feet. That is when I start to look out for the first signs of Spring and daffodils are one of those portents. However, I won’t get too excited too soon. London is relatively warmer than nearly all of the UK, once I start seeing Daffodils popping up at my parents (who are a little further north) – then I’ll consider putting my warm winter coat into the dry cleaners.




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