shininglikeadiamond flies the nest

27 02 2011

Yes, it’s true, shininglikeadiamond has grown up and flown the nest. My new blogging/cyber home is – please feel free to visit my new site and catch up with me there.




Love is a banquet on which we feed*

13 02 2011

I am incurably romantic. 

I state that as a fact and with no apologies. Roses and romantic gestures are always welcomed by me – besides I like Bon Jovi and Jon is a king of the rock ballad. 

However, I don’t do Valentine’s Day.

In spirit I love its intention – a moment to appreciate your significant other is a sentiment that I endorse. But Valentine’s Day as it currently exists? I find the whole mass commercialised event incredibly un-romantic. As a society are we so without grace that we are unable to celebrate love with spontaneity? Do we really need one day a year where the notion of romantic love is shoved down our throats until we are ready to choke? I am inclined to think not and as a society I certainly believe that we could learn to appreciate love with spontaneity (and at least more than once a year).

This year I will pass Valentine’s Day as a singleton. Oh yes, I said it – I proclaimed it to the blogging universe – I will spend Valentine’s Day as a single person. Scandalous!  Or not really. I don’t feel any shame in being single. In fact, after the heartbreak of my last relationship, being single is a comfort. I certainly don’t see why I should need a ‘survival guide’ to navigate my way through today. I see it like this: if you’re in a loving relationship – fantastic!! If you’re single and enjoying it –fantastic!! Love should be celebrated just because it exists, not just because it is the 14th of February. That is true not only for the love that exists now in your life but also for the love that has existed in the past. Yes, my last partner broke my heart six ways till Sunday, but despite some of the rather painful moments in that relationship (and there were some corkers) there were a few good moments. Those are moments that I celebrate, the rest were just lessons that needed to be learnt.

My philosophy for love is simple: celebrate the love that you receive from your partner, your family and your friends and reciprocate with even more love and do this often and sincerely. Life is too short to do anything less and love is far too precious to be horded and kept in the silent dark.

* Patti Smith Group ‘Because the night’.

Evidence of Spring

13 02 2011

I was walking through Russell Square yesterday when I stumbled upon my first daffodils for the year. Daffodils! Daffodils just radiate that warm glow of Spring and combined with the clear & crisp early afternoon their appearance proclaimed “Spring! Spring is coming! Winter is ending!” I was quite excited. I do like Winter. I  like wrapping up in scarves and mittens and hats and large warm coats. I even enjoy the early evenings – they are perfect for doing nothing of great importance and are a great tonic for the hustle and bustle of Summer’s long evenings. Then there’s Rugby. The dark and the cold are borne much better when there’s a good game of rugger on. However,  after a while I start to get itchy feet. That is when I start to look out for the first signs of Spring and daffodils are one of those portents. However, I won’t get too excited too soon. London is relatively warmer than nearly all of the UK, once I start seeing Daffodils popping up at my parents (who are a little further north) – then I’ll consider putting my warm winter coat into the dry cleaners.

Year of the Rabbit

6 02 2011

Run, rabbit run/dig that hole/forget the sun/and when at last your work is done/don’t sit down/its time to dig another one

Well, January just disappeared on me and now I find myself six days into February. As I missed uploading a New Year 2011 post in January, I am going to make up for it by posting a Chinese New Year epistle for February instead. So, welcome in the Year of the Rabbit! Not just any rabbit, but a metal rabbit at that. Wicked. Though what I think of when ‘metal’ and ‘rabbit’ are mentioned in the same breath (left) is most certainly not what the Chinese intended.

According to the Chinese, the Year of the Rabbit promises to bring a more placid year after a frenetic Year of the Tiger. Diplomatic bunny hops instead of roaring fits and starts – the eyes of the rabbit are apparently more gracious and amiable than those of the tiger. Considering the current state of worldly affairs a more placid and considered year wouldn’t go amiss. I certainly have plans, goals and resolutions to accomplish this year. I’ve updated the Resolutions page to reflect some of these – I am sure that posts of the subject will appear during the year.

There is also plenty to look forward to this year. Last year I posted a list of events that I was looking forward to in 2010 – of those the Football World Cup in South Africa was a standout for me. After 28 years away from this competition New Zealand acquitted themselves with style and came out of it the only team to remain undefeated by securing three draws, including one against Italy. The All Whites’ result was exceptional considering their rather modest world ranking and that we don’t have our own professional league (only a solitary professional team). Looking ahead to the rest of 2011 there are three events in particular that I am looking forward to – two of these are general events, while the third is more personal.

  • The Royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton (April). I wasn’t around for the nuptials between Prince Charles and Diana so this will be the first really big Royal wedding that I will be able to celebrate. I also have a soft spot for William (no, not for those reasons). Being of the same age I’ve kinda grown up with him over the years and it’s really pleasing to see him tie the knot with Kate. I’ll be watching the wedding on telly or I’ll be standing in the Mall, or maybe I’ll do both (unless by some chance I receive an invitation, though I’m not holding my breath). I may even hold a party with bunting, tea, scones and as much naff Royal and English paraphernalia as I can find.
  • The Rugby World Cup, New Zealand (September – October). I love rugby, it is just that simple. I actually love watching most sports, this weekend was especially good in that regards as both the Six Nations started and the Super Bowl will be kicking off later tonight. However, rugby union is a particular favourite of mine. I’m also looking forward to it being held back in Aotearoa. I’m backing the ‘Blacks to go all the way, beating the Wallabies 24-31 in the final.
  • Returning to New Zealand for my Grandma’s 100th birthday (August). I haven’t written about my Grandma before, but she is easily the most awesome of all awesome people…ever. This August she will celebrate 100 years on this planet, which is a length of time that I just can’t quite fathom. So much has happened during her lifetime that it just boggles the mind. Needless to say the holiday back to NZ this year is beyond special. Expect more on this later in the year!