Janus: Part Two – Looking Forward

9 01 2010

In my last post I looked back over 2009 and five moments of last year that I thought were cool, noteworthy or otherwise memorable.  In this post I look forward to the next twelve months and to five cool, noteworthy and (hopefully) memorable events for 2010. 

  1. Football World Cup, South Africa (June).  As I wrote in my last post, this will be the first World Cup since 1982 where New Zealand has participated.  So it’s hardly surprising that I’m looking forward to this tournament even more than usual. 
  2. UK General Election.  After 13 years, can Labour stay in power?  Or will there be a change at Number 10?  How will the British public vote? Fascinating stuff. 
  3. 65th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.  Also marking a major anniversary is the Battle of Britain (70 years).  No doubt, they’ll be posts closer to the time.
  4. Doctor Who (spring).  I’m looking forward to next chapter of the Doctor Who story and the first season for the tenth Doctor.  I’m also rather curious about what direction the show will take.
  5. Commonwealth Games, Delhi (October).  I thoroughly enjoy the spectacle of both the Summer Olympics and the Commonwealth Games.  For a few weeks every four years each of these Games offer a plethora of sports to be watched and enjoyed.  It is a veritable cornucopia of delights for the world’s sporting fans and sporting curious.  Also being held this year, and well worthy of mention, are the Winter Olympics in Vancouver (February).  I’ll admit that these are a Games that I am not so familiar with (not having much exposure to them in the past) so I will be keeping an interested eye on them this time around. 



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