Mother was right: wear a coat

12 11 2009

On occasion I do (or say) things that contradict the fact that, normally, I’m a pretty clued up, capable, intelligent person.  Generally such moments occur because I haven’t thought whatever-it-is through to its logical conclusion.  I reckon it’s a side-effect of thinking too much on a regular basis (a trait of mine).  There’s really only so much thinking one’s brain can handle at any one time!

Anyway, one such a moment occurred this Tuesday.  Getting ready to get out the door for a meeting, I was faced with the question of whether or not I should put my coat on.  A quick step outside (to get a feel for the weather) and I decided that no, I wouldn’t, not today; it wasn’t as cold as Monday and my suit, scarf and gloves would suffice.

Hmmm, I was wrong.  While it wasn’t that cold when I stepped out the door, it was damn cold by the time I left my meeting, even though it had only just turned early afternoon.  I spent much time on my way back hopping in and out of shops so that I didn’t get too cold – but this theory proved ultimately fruitless.  I spent the rest of the day regretting my earlier decision.

The thing that really vexes me about this decision was that if I had thought about it for longer than an iota of a second, I would have changed my mind and put my coat on.  Seriously, what was I thinking?  Normally I’m much smarter than that!  It was the autumnal equivalent of not putting sunblock on during summer when you know that you’re going to be out for the day (which I have also done before now and regretted bitterly – a lesson was learnt).  To compound the situation I now have a cold due to getting chilled on Tuesday.  It is one of those small, annoying colds that are made all the more annoying by the fact that you know that it could’ve been prevented by, say, wearing a coat.

So first mistake of the season has been made and another lesson has been learnt.  From now on I shall not be parted from this garment. Mother was right: wear a coat!

Anyone else suffer from similar moments of stupidity?  What was the silliest thing you’ve done and regretted?



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